“It’s that time of the year again,” wrote Premier Daniel Andrews on Instagram this weekend, sharing a video of Collins Street’s peregrine falcon nest with a bird flying in to perch atop its eggs.

Thousands of people tune into the live webcam each August to see one of Victoria’s rarest birds lay and hatch its chicks on the 33rd floor of 367 Collins Street in Melbourne.

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A live webcam was installed in 2017 to keep tabs on the handsome falcon family, as part of the Victorian Peregrine Project. Birdlife Australia volunteer Dr Victor Hurley first installed a nesting box at the site in 1991, and around a dozen pairs of peregrines have taken shelter there since.

“In their minds, the CBD is essentially a canyon and this ledge is a large concrete cliff,” he told Broadsheet in 2021, shortly after the falcons’ eggs were laid last year.

367 Collins Street is home to the only known peregrine falcon nesting site in Melbourne’s CBD.

Watch the live webcam here.