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Our aim is not simply to tell you about a restaurant opening – we’ll spend time in the kitchen, chatting with chefs over the clatter of pans, and to the designers while poring over their drawings. What we’re excited about is not led by breathless hyperbole, but specifics. We don’t need to tell you your city has great cafes. But by telling you who’s making them great, and why, and where you can find them, we want to add to your insight into what makes the city tick.

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There’s no exact science here; at the end of the day we’re writing about what we like. But we think that’s important.

On Broadsheet you’ll find daily coverage of the most talked-about openings and big-ticket events alongside the emerging, the lesser-known, and the people, businesses and movements that may have been overlooked, but are no less worthy of your attention.

We’ll keep you across the simple must-haves, too – what’s worth seeing in the galleries, or where’s the best place in town to buy a tailored suit.

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Restaurants, cafes, bars and shops cannot pay to be listed on Broadsheet. Nor can new fashion labels, homewares brands and other such businesses. If you’re emailing on behalf of a small business such as these, contact the appropriate editor below to be considered for a story on Broadsheet.

If you represent a brand or media agency (including PR) and want to enquire about a media kit, branded content, banner advertising or podcast advertising, please get in touch at advertise@broadsheet.com.au. Press releases and similar such information sent to this address will be disregarded.


If you run a restaurant, cafe, bar or shop already listed on the site and need your opening hours, menu or other details updated, please contact directory@broadsheet.com.au. Any other type of email sent to this address will be disregarded.


To have your market, festival, workshop, show, dinner or other event considered for publication, please contact thingstodo@broadsheet.com.au. Submit your event at least two weeks in advance to be eligible for a spot in Broadsheet’s Things to Do newsletter, sent every Monday at 9am. Inclusion is at our editors’ discretion and cannot be paid for. Make sure to include:

• The event time, day, location and price (if applicable)
• At least one professional, landscape-orientation photo, 800x600 pixels or larger. We do not accept posters, flyers, logos or other "designed" imagery.
• Any other relevant information you can think of. The more, the better. Our editors have a limited amount of time and may pass over events that require extensive research.

Emails sent to this address not pertaining to events will be disregarded.


If you’re seeking coverage for a business or story with national relevance (e.g. a homewares brand that ships Australia-wide, an app available in multiple cities, a band touring the country), contact national editor Sarah Norris. Inclusion is at her discretion and cannot be paid for.

Sarah Norris
National editor

To have your restaurant, cafe, bar, shop or other local business considered for a story on Broadsheet, contact the editor in your city and make sure to include:

• A brief description of your venue, company or product, including the date it launched, or will launch
• Some information about the founders and key staff (such as chefs, sommeliers and designers) including past notable venues/projects they’ve been involved in
• A few photos of your venue, food and drinks, or store and products. These don’t need to be professional quality
• A copy of your menu and/or drinks list
• Links to your website and/or Instagram account
• A contact name and phone number
• The business’s physical address

Inclusion is at the editor’s discretion and cannot be paid for. Please note, our editors receive hundreds of unsolicited emails each day and cannot possibly reply to all of them, despite their best efforts. Thank you in advance for your understanding in cases where we’re not able to write back. Please don’t add our editors to your mailing lists.

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Editor, Broadsheet Sydney

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For commercial video and audio enquiries, including branded content production and podcast advertising placement, contact advertise@broadsheet.com.au.

For editorial video and audio enquiries, including pitches and submissions from filmmakers, journalists and other content creators, contact executive producer Ellen Fraser at ellen@broadsheet.com.au. Pitches should be no more than 200 words long and include a brief synopsis, a link to your reel, and why you feel the story will resonate with Broadsheet’s audience.


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